About Me

Hi I’m +Chris Collins the Bulldog painter.

I only paint Bulldogs nothing else. The world’s only exclusive Bully painter. My life has been dedicated to studying and implementing Top Performance. In business, life, sports … anything that you can keep score in… my outlook has always been that there has to be a formula to become a Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, or Mario Andretti.

We are almost all basically born with the same chances at success, but some seem to rise to the top while others sit by and watch. That fascinates me, that average is ok with some of us. Doesn’t make anyone better or more important than the other. But we all have 24 hours in a day and some seem to accomplish more with it.

One big lesson in business and life is that your true character shows when times get tough. It’s easy to perform when you’re at the top of your game. Its not so easy when the chips stack against you.

I remember the chips dumping on me years ago. I had a shady business partner make $1,500,000 dollars disappear overnight in a business we just acquired together. Driving a stake in the business and its 70 employees overnight. I owned 51% of it and was instantly on the hook while he fled the country. I lost my house, money, and had to return to my old career of fixing businesses as a turnaround specialist. That’s a fancy way of saying Business Alchemy.

The stress of it all soon had my wife of 13 years file for divorce. Worse than my wife leaving was my long time best friend Rocky an English Bulldog died at the age of 8.

So in a very short period of time I lost my business, house, money, wife and worse than all of it, my best friend Rocky.

The funny thing is the whole time even at the lowest moments that year I knew it would be ok. I could hear a calm voice around me say… “you will get it all back and more… 7 times more …”  It made sense … I started with nothing and had way more experience and connections now than ever. The voice had a calm power to it.

The voice would say if Oprah lost her Billions. It wouldn’t take her very long to get it all back… You now know the formula for success. You just unleash it again, wiser stronger, faster ….

Over time the voice gave me a lot of good direction and really comforted me. Would even make me laugh. He was a Spiritual Guide if you will. I came to deeply connect with this voice and he helped guide me back to success. He had a face when I would daydream or meditate. Then I learned that Native Americans had discovered this internal guide 100’s of years ago.

They would find the voice at a very young age. Mostly during something they all did as a coming of age they called the Vision Quest. They called the voice a “Power Animal”

It would guide them on their journey. My power animal is an English Bulldog.

The Indians defined the “Dog Power Animal” as: Guidance, Loyalty and trust.

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of a dog indicates a skill that you have ignored or forgotten, but needs to be activated. Your own values and intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and succeed.

At the same time I discovered this I started painting Bulldogs. They are a symbol of the inner Power Animal we all have, that guides us to success and high performance.  They are Top Dogs and good luck for anyone who hangs one on their wall.

Best placed in a place you will see it early in the day and just catch a glimpse. Seeing it first thing in the morning will remind your Power Animal about guiding you to be a Top Dog.

They will inspire you and make you smile. Because performing at a high level is really fun.

Chris “Bulldog” Collins

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